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The Every Other Monday Nite (EOM) Club

The EOM cottage was constructed in the 1940s by eight friends from Vassar and Frankenmuth. It served as a clubhouse for the Every Other Monday Nite (EOM) Club. These “eight old men” held meetings “every other Monday nite” where it is reported they made pretzels and played poker. The craft of the builders is evident in many original features such as the knotty pine wall paneling. 

Many of the surnames on the signed club charter are familiar as longtime families of the area. 

EOM Club Founding Members

Board of Advisors:

  • George H. Atkins
  • Carson S. Atkins
  • Arnold F. Schultz
Signed charter for the EOM Club

American Legion Post 177

Frankenmuth locals tell stories about lively high school parties held at the cottage in the 1960s. In 1973, the EOM Recreation Club obtained a survey of the land and divided the property into two parcels.

1973 Land Survey of the EOM Recreation Club

The cottage was eventually sold to the Vassar American Legion and was their monthly meeting spot for many years. The sunroom was added during their ownership.

The American Legion sold the property to Ed & Betty Goyings in 1993. They updated the furnishings and opened a short term “housekeeping cottage” named Point of View.  Water damage from the bathroom required replacing the original maple floor in 2005 along with some updates to the kitchen island and cabinetry. The Goyings operated the cottage until it was sold to John & Ashley Rosilier in 2021.